USFSM has identified critical thinking as a key educational imperative based on input from employers, faculty, and students. Therefore, critical thinking was selected for the 2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan and the 2016 – 2021 Quality Enhancement Plan. Courses that count toward the certificate are designed to help students develop their general and domain-specific critical thinking skills. Specifically, the courses emphasize:

  1. Formulating vital questions and problems clearly
  2. Gathering and assessing relevant information
  3. Identifying relevant assumptions, alternatives, and implications
  4. Developing well-reasoned conclusions and solutions
  5. Communicating reasoning effectively

The certificate requires a total of 12 credits of approved Incredi-Bull Critical Thinking (IBCT) courses. These courses carry the “IBCT-approved” designation in their course titles as indicated in OASIS. A list of approved courses is also available on the critical thinking program’s website ( and from academic advisors.