USF Sarasota-Manatee School of Education degree-seeking students enrolled in a course with a Formative Task, Summative Critical Task, Transition Point Project, Dispositions Assessment, Field-work, or Portfolio, are required to have a subscription to Taskstream; please visit the Taskstream homepage to create an account –

Taskstream is a web-based electronic portfolio required of candidates in School of Education (SOE) programs.  It provides a way to submit documents, including Formative Tasks, Summative Critical Tasks, Transition Point Projects, Disposition Self-Assessments, and required documentation for Field-work and Diversity tracking to instructors for feedback and evaluation.

Formative Tasks (FT) are assessments used to demonstrate progress toward mastery of required knowledge, skills, or dispositions. Summative Critical Tasks (SCT) and Transition Point Projects are assessments used to demonstrate mastery of required knowledge, skills, or dispositions. Candidates must add SCTs and FTs to their electronic portfolio on Taskstream in accordance to their instructor’s directions before the course ends.  Once a FT or SCT is in the portfolio on Taskstream, it will be evaluated by the instructor using a rubric that has a 5-point scale. To show mastery on a SCT, candidates must earn a mean score of 3.0 or above.  If the candidates does not, the candidate is not allowed to pass the course.  The FTs provide feedback on progress and identify areas in need of growth; there is no required minimum mean score for FTs.

These assessments and documents used to evaluate candidate progress toward meeting standards set by the faculty, Florida Department of Education where applicable and pertinent progression organizations.  The SOE faculty analyze data from the assessments and uses the data for program planning in order to ensure continuous improvement.