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The College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – AACSB International for Accounting, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing majors.

The undergraduate curriculum is composed of several segments: (1) broad general education in the arts, humanities and sciences; (2) the common body of knowledge for management responsibilities; and (3) majors specializing in Accounting, Finance, General Business, Information Technology, Marketing and Management.  Through flexibility in its requirements, the College is able to satisfy the different interests and career objectives of students with diverse backgrounds.


To be recognized as an outstanding school of business and information technology education in the Sarasota-Manatee region.


To (a) provide high quality education in business and information technology with an emphasis on critical thinking in a personalized learning environment, and (b) engage in innovative research and other scholarly activities to advance the knowledge of business and information technology.


  • Academic excellence
  • Student-centeredness
  • Freedom of inquiry
  • Community engagement
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Global perspective

Learning Goals and Objectives

BA/BS Core

Learning goal #1: Our graduates are informed and effective decision-makers.

Objectives:  Our students will …

  • … integrate fundamental (core) business concepts in functional areas.
  • … demonstrate critical thinking skills to solve problems.
  • … apply diverse business perspectives to a competitive environment.

Learning goal #2: Our graduates are successful team players.

Objectives: Our students will …

  • … interact successfully with diverse people.

Learning goal #3: Our graduates are responsible global citizens.

Objectives: Our students will …

  • … make ethical decisions that are respectful of diverse stakeholders and the environment.
  • … demonstrate personal professionalism.

Learning goal #4: Our graduates are effective communicators. 

Objectives: Our students will …

  • … create and deliver effective oral presentations.
  • … produce professionally written documents.

MBA Core

Learning goal #1: Our graduates are ethical leaders of organizations.

Objectives: Our students will …

  • … successfully influence and motivate others.
  • … interact and communicate effectively with diverse people.
  • … make ethical decisions.

Learning goal #2: Our graduates are global, strategic thinkers.

Objectives: Our students will …

  • … demonstrate critical thinking skills to solve business problems.
  • … strategically analyze and plan in a competitive environment (locally and globally).
  • … consider international issues in strategic decisions.

Learning goal #3: Our graduates are innovative.

Objectives: Our students will …

  • … apply integrated knowledge of functional business areas to make effective decisions.
  • … develop creative and feasible solutions to business problems.

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