Any applicant who does not meet minimum admission requirements and/or is denied admission to USFSM may submit an appeal in writing within 30 days of notification for reconsideration of the admissions decision for review by the Director of Admissions. The request must provide new reasons/evidence why this reconsideration is warranted based on extenuating circumstances and/or appropriate alternative evidence of academic achievement, ability, motivation, and responsibility that indicates potential for academic success. In addition to the admission criteria, other factors may be considered including, but not limited to, improvements in high school record, family education background, socioeconomic status, graduation from a lower performing high school, graduation from an International Baccalaureate program, geographic location, military service, special talents, and/or abilities, or other special circumstances. After a thorough review of the student’s profile by the appropriate committee, the committee may conclude that the applicant should be admitted if it is deemed that the student can be successful academically and graduate from USF System institutions. Student-initiated petitions that are denied by the Appeals Committee may be further appealed to the Dean who makes the final decision. Academic services and/or programs designed to enhance the success of any student admitted based on a profile exception must be outlined in the Committee’s recommendation for admission.

Undergraduate applicants—freshmen or transfers—who are denied admission as a degree-seeking student may not enroll as a non-degree-seeking student.

Applicants denied admission to USFSM who have a disability as defined by Board of Governors Regulation 6.018 and Section 1007.02, Florida Statutes may request a reasonable substitution of any requirement for admission in a letter of appeal of the decision as provided by the protocols of USFSM.  On appeal of a denial of admission, USFSM may provide reasonable substitution for any course or high school unit requirement for any person who has a documented disability.  The applicant may be required to provide documentation as detailed in Board of Governors Regulation 6.018 or Section 1007.264 Florida Statutes that the failure to meet the admission requirements is related to the disability, and USFSM may request other pertinent documents as needed to determine eligibility for substitution under this subsection.

USFSM may refuse admission to a student whose record shows previous misconduct that is deemed not to be in the best interest of the University community. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or designee, will review all applications in which prior legal or behavioral conduct issues are noted. When necessary, this officer will contact appropriate parties having knowledge of the applicant and/or the misconduct and make a decision as to whether admission of the applicant would be in the best interest of USFSM. Any applicant denied admission under this Regulation may submit a written appeal to the designated office within ten (10) days after the notification of the denial of admission.

A non-degree-seeking student dismissed from USFSM for violations of academic integrity or the USF System’s Student Code of Conduct is not eligible for admission as a degree-seeking student to USFSM. If a student dismissed from USFSM subsequently earns a degree from a regionally accredited institution, the student may apply as a degree-seeking student to USFSM. If extenuating circumstances contributed to the dismissal and the student meets current admissions requirements, the student may submit a request for waiver of this rule to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or designee, for an academic violation, or for a violation of the Code of Conduct.