A student may withdraw from a course(s) between the second and tenth week of the semester (except for summer sessions – see the Summer Schedule of Classes for dates and courses with alternative calendars), however, tuition and fees will be assessed for any course(s) withdrawn by the student after the first week. The student’s academic record will reflect a “W” grade for any course(s) withdrawal between the second and tenth week of the semester. Under specific conditions, consideration for refund of tuition and fees may be requested if a Fee Adjustment Request form accompanied by verifiable supporting documentation is submitted to the Office of the Registrar at USF Tampa within six (6) months from the end of the semester to which any refund would be applicable. Students who withdraw may not continue to attend classes.

Effective Fall 2016, all students will be limited to two (2) withdrawals from graduate courses while enrolled as degree-seeking or a non-degree seeking at USF.  Requests for withdrawals from graduate level courses are submitted via the Withdrawal Request form.  Only in extenuating circumstances will approval be granted for more than two graduate course withdrawals. Appeals for additional graduate course withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances must be submitted via the Graduate Petition Form.