USF System Policy Number 10-006: Registration Changes for Courses by Students and Instructors (Drop/Adds, Withdrawals, Deletions and Auditing)

USF System Regulation – Registration – 4.0101

All students are required to attend class the first day a class meets, for both online and on-campus courses.  Students unable to attend must contact the instructor prior to the first day to ensure they are not dropped from the course. This policy is not applicable to courses in the following categories: Educational Outreach, FEEDS Program, Community Experiential Learning (CEL), Cooperative Education Training, and courses that do not have regularly scheduled meeting days/times (such as, directed reading/research or study, individual research, thesis, dissertation, internship, practica, etc.). Students are responsible for dropping undesired courses in these categories by the 5th day of classes to avoid fee liability and academic penalty.