An organized set of courses offered as a distinct area of study that leads to specific educational or occupational goals. Certificates may consist of courses that are part of a major or courses that are created outside of a major. Students should obtain prior approval with the specific requirements and forms from the college and department in which the certificate is offered. Certificates are recorded on the transcript. A certificate of completion is awarded, not a diploma.

Each undergraduate certificate conforms to these University requirements:

1. Students must be admitted as undergraduate degree seeking or non-degree seeking to be eligible to receive an undergraduate certificate.

2. A minimum of 12 semester hours of credit used to satisfy the requirements of a certificate must be from USF courses; at least 50 percent of the required coursework must be earned from the institution awarding the certificate.

3. USF coursework for a certificate must have a minimum GPA of 2.00. Some undergraduate certificates have higher minimum GPA requirements.